Reliable Cloud Migration- What Pitfalls Should Companies Avoid?

December 18, 2018

This is inarguable moving towards cloud advantage. Different business is becoming de facto level for companies. It doesn’t make the procedures if migration an easy one. A badly executed movement may in results an administrative headache. As well business interruption and even more lost data. Keep in mind that the huge cloud migration pitfalls and […]

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Moshe Strugano Demonstrate 2018 Mobile App Development Trends

November 29, 2018

Now, everyone uses a smartphone to browse the internet, checking emails, surfing social media platforms, managing events, listening music, playing games, watching videos, taking photos, reading news, writing messages and of course making phone calls. Today all activities can be performed using one single device, but these things were not even in our mind if […]

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How to take advantage of Google Analytics

August 20, 2018

So important is to implement different advertising strategies and in our social networks as to measure the analytical data that we report them. Therefore, Google Analytics is the ideal tool if you want to monitor the results of the different campaigns carried out to achieve our objectives. Google Analytics is a tool for which we […]

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5 Important Features To Consider Before Choosing A Call Center Software

May 30, 2018

A call center software generally means that a software which is used to manage call centers. There are different types of call center software are there. We usually consider four primary call center software. · On-premise call center software · Hosted call center software · Cloud-based call center software · Browser-based call center software Today […]

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What Are The Prime Sharing And Cloud Storage Services

May 27, 2018

Despite the digital equipments and advanced technologies we have right now, we still chose to store data in a traditional way. The cloud software is the spawn of our contemporary period that stores files, documents and videos which offers the same quality of service in sharing as well. In result, the productivity of most individuals, […]

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How To Create Your Own WordPress Blog: What You’ll Need

May 16, 2018

“Blogging is just writing — writing using a particularly efficient type of publishing technology.” Starting a blog is the best way to share your ideas and expertise online. You can also make money from your blog. However, choosing a domain name and the blog’s theme (which determines how it looks) could take a while if […]

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