How to take advantage of Google Analytics


So important is to implement different advertising strategies and in our social networks as to measure the analytical data that we report them. Therefore, Google Analytics is the ideal tool if you want to monitor the results of the different campaigns carried out to achieve our objectives.
Google Analytics is a tool for which we only need to have a Google account to access it. Once we sign up, we must implement the Analytics code on our website to start measuring traffic, the conversions we have and the behavior of our users, among other features.

Advantages of checking Google Analytics statistics:

The numerous advantages that Google Analytics provides give it to be one of the indispensable tools in the world of analytics. In addition, being a tool of Google and since the traffic to your web comes mainly from this search engine, its statistics are very reliable.

It is necessary to be an expert to be able to handle it very well since it offers us a large amount of data. In addition, it takes a lot of time for data analysis , so we recommend you turn to professionals . These professionals will know how to ‘decipher’ all the data.

These are some of the advantages that Google Analytics can offer us:

  • Free tool . As we discussed in the introduction, it is a web analytics tool that anyone with an account on Google has access to.
  • Easy and accessible . Regardless of the size of your company, online store or blog, Google Analytics is easy to use and is useful whatever your traffic rank. The important thing is to measure and control what triumphs or fails on your website.
  • Simple interface . You do not have to be an expert in web analytics to be able to use it, but within its simplicity it provides all the necessary options to get the data we need.
  • Compatibility with Adwords . This facilitates knowing the success of the campaigns launched in Adwords and the return of the investment.
  • Customizable reports . Each user can organize the different data provided by the tool according to their personal interests and needs.
  • Privacy Policy . Google takes into account the privacy of data obtained from web analytics, as it forms part of confidential information, and provides them with complete security.

What can we measure with Google Analytics?

These are the highlights:

  • Number of visits , users and page views on your website in a given period.
  • Origin of users : Social networks, organic searches, email marketing, other websites, etc.
  • Behavior of your users : To which page they arrive, where they leave after the first page, which pages leave your website.

Other information such as: What city or country they are from, what devices they use , how long they are on your website. The amount of data is so great that it is best that you take a look.

Google Analytics Premium

For those who have a greater need, either due to the volume of traffic that manages your website or faster results, you can opt for the payment option . The improvements presented by the paid version are aimed, above all, at those companies that need an analysis of a large number of data .

In addition, it also offers reports without sampling of data and data collected by the reports in 4 hours , while in the free version they are generated after 24 hours. Another of its advantages will also be the greater segmentation which will provide greater depth in the collection of data. A leap in the quality of services for those who need more precision in data analytics.

No doubt having at least the standard option of Google Analytics is essential to know more about our audience and develop our strategies and making the leap to Premium may only be a matter of time.

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Mordan Sean:

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