The Significance of Modern Technologies in HealthCare

The development in the field of medical science has strengthened the healthcare department and it has given a lot of comforts to the people. These technological developments have helped to improve the quality of life of people.

As compared to past these technologies have improved the standards of treatments for the patients. It has ensured the safety of people and helped saved a lot of lives. The rapid changes in the technologies have not only provided assistance to the people but it has also helped healthcare professionals to improve the standards of the medical procedures.
The technological innovations in the medical industry are growing day by day. It is expected that these technologies will not stop evolving. In healthcare, technological advancements are improving all processes including patient registration, data monitoring, lab tests and self-care tools.

To understand the significance of these technologies it is important to understand in detail the functions and operations of these advanced medical devices that are playing an important role to provide quality treatment to the people.

Nowadays it is impossible to think about the treatment of the patients without these modern technologies. The following technological developments have revolutionized the healthcare and it has brought positive change in the life of people.

Automated External Defibrillator:

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is the finest technology that helps to prevent sudden cardiac attacks. Automated External Defibrillator Singapore has played an important role in recent past to control the number of deaths that were occurring due to heart attacks.

Countries like Singapore have faced difficulties in past to resolve the problems of cardiac patients but now the situation of cardiac patients is satisfying. The functionality of this device is unique as compared to other devices because first, it detects the heart rate of the patient if it is not normal then the electric shock is delivered to the patient.

The purpose of giving electric shock is to make heart rate of the person normal. AED in Singapore is the best example of the effective utilization of this technology. AED plays an important role to save the treatment time as well because it takes less time in providing assistance to the patients.

This medical equipment is referred as the finest development of Healthcare because it can be utilized everywhere and it is also easy to carry. The flexibility that is provided by this device is amazing because it can be used in different workplaces.

Electronic Aspirin:

People that face issues due to migraines, headaches and other types of facial pain this technology provides the best assistance to them in resolving their health issues. The system of this equipment involves the permanent implant of a small nerve stimulating device in the upper gum on the side of the head that is affected by a headache.

The lead tip of the implant connects with the sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) bundle, and when patients senses the onset of a headache they places a remote controller on their cheek that is nearest to the implant. The resulting signals excites the SPG nerves and block the pain-causing neurotransmitters.

Headaches are common among people and it can be because of depression or due to strong medical reason but this technology offers no side effects in its treatments. The benefit of this technology is that it gives patients the permanent solution to their problem and it ensures that nothing happens to the patient in the future as well.

Efficient ways of Record Keeping:

The Electronic Health Records have replaced paper records and because of its transparency has ensured in all medical and healthcare institutions. The digitalization of health records has helped healthcare professionals to improve their standard procedures of the healthcare.

Medical records such as medical billing and medical reports have been kept safe. The coding professionals and registered nurses impacted in a positive way by the implementation of this method in record keeping.

Nurses and technicians are responsible to enter patient’s data such as important signs, weight, and test results into a digitized system in order to keep the record of the patient. In administration department medical billers use electronic health record to keep data of the scheduling appointments, updating patient records with diagnostic codes, and submission of medical claims.

Monitoring Tools:

Real-time locating services are playing an important role in the development to help hospitals so that they can target the problems that they are facing and then they can take effective measures to resolve those problems.

Tracking systems can be implemented in the instruments and devices that are being used widely in the surgeries and different procedures of medical and healthcare procedures. With the help of these tools, the efficiency in medical procedures can be increased and weak areas can easily be identified.


Medical Industry is incomplete without these modern technologies. All healthcare institutes are responsible to implement this advanced medical equipment so facilities for patients can be improved and their treatment can become more efficient.

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